the inspiring chair

i have the feeling i'm sitting these days of work at home
in a chair like that one
beautiful and inspiring
thats is making me to have really good moments
and some others flying minutes

as a flamingo
on the floor
and the sky
at the same time




chloë is cool

She owns her clothing designs x Opening Ceremony

Love how she mixes party dresses + denim

The perfect day time outfits?

Beautiful makeup details...

I also love her daring in party outfits

Why not?

Who doesnt wanna be a miau girl?

My two
favourites outfits
from her:

 1 -  miu miu skirt

 2 - Cholé suit 

And here in her beloved new haircut

C'est plus!

I hope you enjoyed it...!

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

much much love, 




Sometimes i need it, i feel just like writing. That's what i love, what i feel so good doing. And today it's in my loved blog. The one i'd really like to expend more hours in. The one i know its my white canvas to express myself.
I like to reflex sometimes about communications, the way we need them,  and beyond the way we need the people who is behind them. My friends. All of them. Everytime. Pirirpi. Whatsup calls me every two minutes this Saturday noon. I'm enjoying it. Clara, Joaxim, Susi, Miros... Today, after my family lunch I've went with my pa to have an stroll in the town. He told me that through life, these friendly relations become more and more difficult to hold. What a pity, i've though!. Hopefully, hopefully, it won't happen to me. Often i use to think it would'nt happen to me because i'll try to avoid it... Willpower - new amazing word to learn -.

By the way, i have a pending post about Mafalda, which i absolutely adore!

PD: im gonna continue writing... in a doc.

PPD: such an amazing song... 

( i  need you so much closer)




Day III in NY: Right or Wrong?

feeling the city

converse store at soho

 soho streets are right

everything was so yummy and cheap (ok, we forgot tips!)

su's snapshot

traga que te traga


yes, there where stars around

 and i was happy (very happy)

and susi was pretty

very pretty!


yep, it was a high school graduation party
(and susi was part of it)

 some pizza break in the corner


in a suuuper cool beach bar!

with true sand!

 and party again!

 all like them...

susi, susi...

there were prince and princess from the night

and yes, we ended like that!


Sentences from the day

Ido: ¿¿¿Pero con quién hablan los taxistas???

Susi: Señoras que van a galas benéficas con bambas y riñonera

Ido: No, si al final un corbatín de estos va a caer...

Ambas: Con el precio de la bebida el tip ya sabes por dónde se lo meten, no?

No me acuerdo: You don't want to know what is "coño"!

Ido: Y yo sigo en bambas... (:

info PARTY:

The Prom You Were Promised: A Benefit for 826NYC

Hosted By Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses)

Featuring DJ Sets By 


BAIO (Vampire Weekend)

Neon Indian 



 Deadbeat Summer - Neon Indian


heart of glass (dedicat a Dani Gómez)

im kind of amazed with those draws, that art from Cate Parr i saw in thecoolhunter. im above all stunned with the expression of every girl, every woman behind the draw. sadness, suffering, pain, distrust...and it make me think in boys and the fuck relationships we girls have sometimes to face, and thats why in some way i dedicate that post to my friend dani, with yesterday night were exchanging opinions about this and magically agree. and because be honest is so nice... so, let's express what we feel every moment, every day, but always without forgetting to smile (like the last pic) to our little heart, made of glass, as dani know is mine.