i like to be a woman

This Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2010/11 collection has meant much more than I thought. The pictures of the fashion show made me realize how much I could love fashion. It was the beginning of last August in Woman magazine offices when Noelia, the fashion editor, ask me to take a look to one of the huge books she was usually with. PARIS 2010/11 was in the front. Heaps of pictures from all the the fashion shows from the main designers collections were inside. That's like gold, I thought. And I was not that wrong. I learnt how fashion can simply become art in the right environment. I learnt names, designers, tissues, styles, patterns... And there was one I felt specially in love, and I can swear it was not yet on the magazines! The one who remind me the fifties and the tv serie who my parents recommended me to watch - and that would be mentioned by all the fashionistas in few time -, the gorgeous Mad Men. The dresses, the outfits that enhace incredibly the waist, the magnificient hairdo that made the woman even sexiest and respectful... - the last two pictures are from Prada same collection, where I admire the socks and beautiful toe shoes combination -. And that's what I most admire, how the respect and the voice of the woman that began to be louder at the same time that sexier than ever are identified in these designs.

Thanks Woman to let me know what it is a glossy, what it is fashion, thanks Noelia and also Marga (I'll make another post about she!) and in some way thanks to all women that achieved the rights and the freedom that we can enjoy today.Thanks, thanks, thanks.

And of course, thanks to them!




bamboo banga in blue

Tights: Primark. Shorts: vintage. Nail Polish: Rimmel London "Green With Envy". Knee socks: some shop from Sydney. Bra: Women's Secret. Lipstick: YSL.

A sexy week. A why not post. Blue colour in nails, pink colour inside me. /V\/\Y/\ in mind. Fashion and friendship everywhere...



Just thinking with how many things I could wear it, I become crazy. Flaming lips as a soundtrack and so many looks, dreams, ideas.. in my mind. Crazy. It's just matter of luck to get the Mulberry purse from the blog Cristina Martins. How awesome can become this little thing called blog. Its just giving me....

Last week I did the folly to visit asos.com. All the boots are from there. I'd love they were in here... LOL. LOve&Peace from one of the best Vogue cover I've never seen. Vogue Paris. I'd LOve to go París this year. Peace from this Dimange to everyone.

Its matter of luck. Its matter of love.


Sólo pensar en todas las cosas con las que me lo podría combinar me vuelvo loca. Suena Flaming lips  de fondo y tengo tantas ideas, tantos looks y tantos sueños en mente.... Qué locura. Es sólo cuestión de suerte conseguir el Mulberry que Cristina Martins sortea en su blog. Y vuelvo a pensar que increíble puede llegar a ser todo esto.... Es como un sentimiento de que simplemente me aporta...
Cometí la locura de entrar en asos.com (las botas son de ahí) y me enamoré de la portada de Vogue París del mes de Noviembre. Peace&Love. Y paz para esta mañana de Domingo. Es cuestión de suerte y es cuestión de amor.


girls are going out in brussels


1.T-shirt from catwalkjunkie.com. 2., 3. T-shirt from Sofia's love. 4. M.I.A playing at the Greek and strange laptop 5. Clutch from Place du Jeu de Belle vintage market 6. Dress from Royal Rockstar Sydney (Kemla's shop!) 7. Beatiful black lace 8. Boots from Gal·latea Shoes (thanks to Dreivip.com!) 9.Capricce best chocolate wafers ever. 10. Cute mirror from Sofi's apartment (the same one I bought to Clara in here!) 10., 11. LOLS!

I ♥ u!

XXXO - play it - clicar!


Look of the day

She's Margerhita Missoni.  I like the name, as Margarita from work ;) though what I most love is her chic style. The flared pants (or elephant foot as we say in Spanish!) in high waist, the nude color of the shirt, the thin animal print belt, the suede bag... and of course the litthe feather vest, just perfect! By the way, im thinking, she is wearing an elephant in her legs, a reptil in her waist and a kind of bird in her shoulders, and always the same, how BEATIFUL is the nature!

As beautiful is to live in.

PD: Im sooo happy today! Four events to attend in the city related with fashion, one of them the Shopping Night Out between openings with my XXL girls, parties in the best hotels of the city and the gig i'll have in mind! ♥ fashion ♥ music 



I feel alive

Alondra Bentley - I feel alive - Play it!

I feel im completely in love of her voice, her guitar, her sounds.... Mmmmm....the sweet, intimate, perfect melodies. Ya, I am. And it's just like I can't describe the feeling, when you just love a song, and you love the music. In this moment, loving as well myspace, spotify and youtube! Just thank youuuuu!!! Also I have in mind (really up!) going to grab some of my favourites albums, just to give some money to them, just to pay in some way ALL they make me feel...just alive... .

Now I remmber how I "discovered" Alondra. It was from Barby's mum (person who, by the way, I admire so much!) who told me about Amaral's gig in Apolo! I took a look and the opening act was by Alondra Bentley. Just a quick click and my ownn commitment to upload my next post on MY BLOG about she. Oh my God! I have said my blog! I am not still really use to it...but I just like the feeling... Dot dot, dot. And it is perfect.

Alondra Bentley - Dot, dot, dot -Play it! 

PD: Today I have achieved the two acredittations I asked for, to the gig in Apolo through my dear good2b (one day i'll talk about! bcos is another think i just looooove to be in!). But... tomorrow is a big night in Barcelona about fashion&job, The Shopping Night! It starts at 8.30pm, the same time as the gig, but guess what??? Barby & Clari will go in my place, and im not pretty sure if im allowed to do that, but what im pretty sure as well that they will enjoy as I would there! I just love them.

*** I really like to put flowers above my ear, looking myself in the mirror and one of my dreams is to be in a stage, naked with JUST a guitar. ¿Is it by change?