Illustrations from René Gruau, Italian artist who moved to Paris when he was a child, adopting the last name of his mother ( i love that things!)and started to work as an illustrator for fashion magazines such as Femina, Marie Claire and Vogue in Paris in his teens and early 20s. Gruau's artwork is known for its timeless and enduring style. People says René Gruau made Christian Dior became popular during this time .

today during lunch i was talking about illustration with my designers colleges from work
precisely upholding it, i'd love they make some illustration for Dreivip
i just feel astonished with the niceness...
and fragility


two dreams

that's sooooo me!

i think all my friends know i wanna go to paris and cut my hair as amélie, last week i went to university to make it true! (and u know what? by change, it was raining as a real  Parisian day...)

and then it's sex&the city and new york, and carrie! and my favourite tv show ever (and the one that makes me happy again and again and i never get tired of... i identify so much with carrie, i like the way she writes, the way she lives fashion, the way she takes cares of her friends...!)

so... thats it. i wanna be carrie, i wanna be amelie. isnt it free to dream?

(though part of me, i know that lives in that dream!)



this sunday morning...

i was feeling so proud to have the friends i have...


Pants: Primark, Sueter: MNG, Foulard and red Clutch: H&M, Clocs: Ulanka Shoes.

Photographer: Anna, one of this friends I'm so proud of.



it was in the kitchen

i have so many memories from a radio antennas like those
my parents have always loved listening to the radio
they do all the time, at home, while having a shower, in the car...
suddenly one day i realizaed (while i was studing communications at university) how important is the information it gives to the people, it is fast, contrasted, most of the best journalists work in...

nowdays i love listening it 
but i thing it is mostly because the memories it gives to me

a radio will always remind me my parents

 thanks for that, little aparato!

antenitas de radio como esas me traen tantos recuerdos
sobre todo las relaciono con mis padres y con ser pequeña
ellos han escuchado siempre la radio a todas horas, en el coche, mientras se duchan, en la cocina...
creo que me podría acordar de cada una de las radios que hemos tenido
pero sobre todo de la que teníamos con esas antenas
si lo pienso me hace sonreír

ahora a mí también me gusta mucho escucharla
fue en la uni donde me dí cuenta del gran valor periodístico que tiene
congrega a los mejores peiodistas, el que es bueno, ha trabajado o trabaja en radio (Iñaqui Gabilondo es el ejemplo de mi madre)
pero sobre todo, me gusta escucharla porque me recuerda a ellos

y espero que siempre lo siga haciendo



aussi style

in Australia...

 style talks (styletalker.com)

 i bought one of my favourite pair of boots 

girls have a simple, elegant and so trendy style
(pic from the party 'Shop Till You Drop' - don't you also find just amazing the name of the magazine? -)

Bodysuit: American Appareal / Mini: Supré / Bracelets: Mami sent to me / Flower: Bondi beach.  

one of my fav pics!

thats so Australian!


girls love shorts!

being in nature...

and wild places... amazing cafés!

how not to love Australia?

i forgot chai lattes...

sorry babe...!
(pic from last collection  F/W 2010 of oneteaspoon.com)

whose motto is...

all you need is love

now more than ever,


En Australia... 1. El estilo habla por sí mismo (styletalker es una de las marcas más increíbles!) 2. Me compré una de mis botas favoritas 3. Las chicas tienen un estilo tan simple, elegante y chuli... . 4. Yo! (con uno de mis looks prefes!) 5. Cartel de la playa (tan australiano!) 6. La playa, pura vida... 7. Las chicas aman los shorts 8. Estar en la naturaleza. 9. Y los lugares salvajes, como los cafés, increíbles!!! Eran lo máaaaas!!! 10. Y los chai latte...mmmm...la mejor cosa para tomar que he descubierto nunca! Y que echo tanto de menos...! 10. Y oneteaspoon una de las firmas de las que me enamoré. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (todo lo que necesitas es amor) era su lema.  ¿Cómo no enamorarse de Australia? Natalie Imbrugila y su canción Hurricane resumen mi paso por allí, y más que nunca os mando tres besos (xxx) al estilo australiano.