Day III in NY: Right or Wrong?

feeling the city

converse store at soho

 soho streets are right

everything was so yummy and cheap (ok, we forgot tips!)

su's snapshot

traga que te traga


yes, there where stars around

 and i was happy (very happy)

and susi was pretty

very pretty!


yep, it was a high school graduation party
(and susi was part of it)

 some pizza break in the corner


in a suuuper cool beach bar!

with true sand!

 and party again!

 all like them...

susi, susi...

there were prince and princess from the night

and yes, we ended like that!


Sentences from the day

Ido: ¿¿¿Pero con quién hablan los taxistas???

Susi: Señoras que van a galas benéficas con bambas y riñonera

Ido: No, si al final un corbatín de estos va a caer...

Ambas: Con el precio de la bebida el tip ya sabes por dónde se lo meten, no?

No me acuerdo: You don't want to know what is "coño"!

Ido: Y yo sigo en bambas... (:

info PARTY:

The Prom You Were Promised: A Benefit for 826NYC

Hosted By Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses)

Featuring DJ Sets By 


BAIO (Vampire Weekend)

Neon Indian 



 Deadbeat Summer - Neon Indian


heart of glass (dedicat a Dani Gómez)

im kind of amazed with those draws, that art from Cate Parr i saw in thecoolhunter. im above all stunned with the expression of every girl, every woman behind the draw. sadness, suffering, pain, distrust...and it make me think in boys and the fuck relationships we girls have sometimes to face, and thats why in some way i dedicate that post to my friend dani, with yesterday night were exchanging opinions about this and magically agree. and because be honest is so nice... so, let's express what we feel every moment, every day, but always without forgetting to smile (like the last pic) to our little heart, made of glass, as dani know is mine.




he had help me to write these days
to write something i hope one day
i'll be able to show you
i rely on it
in the same way i rely on 
love and light



Day II: New York is the city

who is the new yorker? :p

amazing publicity

  williamsburg in his allure

the other new yorker

 first brunch

at Roebling Tea Room

 white and wild

tall and smashing

yellow and ne-ce-ssa-ry

Buddakan and my cam

inside Buddakan restaurant (one of the favs from sex in the city)

the new new beetle!

Eitan's Bar

salt and pepper

 shooting on the street

miranda's kid park! packed!

 magnolia bakery


yep, my second one (:

 the most expensive vintage shop in the city

America is the 5th Ave

 and yes, we were tired but there was real steal out of the street!

 after dinner at little italy... yep, i was feeling carrie! (:

yes, sorry but...

Sentences from the day:

Idoia on the street: yo aún no entiendo por qué nos llaman snowflakes

Su in some place: no es que las pelis americanas mientan, es que los tíos aquí hacen estas cosas...

Idoia in some shop: es que aquí a la gente le gusta venderlo todo mucho

Idoia in the subway while some guy was playing "something": es que le metía el palo por el culo...

 love from also a tired day
but true love