From Isabel Marant, which i love.
I'll try to to think in pink from now beyond.
Because fashion make me happy, make me thinking in pink.

Much love,

bicolor feather

Jacket H&M, Jeans and Shoes from some shop in Sydney and vintage belt.

Today i feel like a real feather more than ever.
Delicate, susceptible and at the same time feeling the ease to fly.
I know that its a bicolor feather, with two colors, two sides. Maybe i am now in the dark one.... I'll try to shade it off.
Anyway though, ¿can I fly today?



pink love party

flowers tied with love

my nails were grey (they fit with everything!)

 always giving live

is it supposed i was gonna be the first one?

first glance of the bloggers faces

my hairdresser (from Aduho, such a memories!)
 et voilà!

that's me!!! :)  

under my pamela!

omg! so nervous in here!
toma ya!

applause and screams! it was done!!

 dafne from BCN Cool Hunter was the only i knew! she is sooo cute!

 talking with the good2b girls! also anna in the middle!

with suuuuuuu and friends!

 my second one! the veggie one: tofu and whole bread! so yummy!
from the dog is hot in joaquim costa!

the bom brazilian music! Fulô de Ganga

andré, let's dance!
 a picture!!

 with Erika from a real personal shopper from Madrid (proved it)
it was very nice to meet her!

a nice girl gave me the cute brooche! (her was a real pink heart!!)
i love grey & pink combination!


as it use to happens to me, i didnt wanna go back home, but work next day was calling my conscience!
in the mirror, she didnt realize... but there is the flower, the 'chuche' and the most pink heart from the party: suuuuu! :)

Thanks Smash, thanks smashers to make it possible, it was coool! 


PD: i think i'll never model again! god! so nervous! 
PD2: thanks Moritzs too!


boho ensembles

I ♥ boho. I like even the word 'b o h o'. Is like something very exotic, from some far indonesian/maya/indian country where people loves to be naked. Maybe thats because i like it. I like even the way to pronunce it, opening the mouth in a very sexy and delicate way.

let's boho together



i'll smash it!

 i will wear
both above oufits
as a blogger model
with a glass of red wine before
i don't know
i will just think
i love what im doing
such a thing!

i will be wearing feathers, though :)


crochet is in me

Is like a feeling. I have always loved it. It was' in me' specially during my best holidays ever; Formentera island, my best friend and the magical spirit of the  freedom and the sun together. 

Trikini from Blanco. Mum shorts. Bicycle from the island. Friend from town.

Crochet, the island, Clara, and this song will be always in me. Word. 



birds that pray

I've been having the need of writing from this morning and the litlle new that my blog (OMG!) appears in a fashion web it is just another little plus to do it! I almost forgot how happy it makes me! Again in my brother's bed (i don't know why is the best place to write my blog, i feel different in here, inspired, happy because in some way im breaking some rule that makes me smile, and also because i know he likes it as well, he is bit proud of my writings, or at least, thats my feeling... which i love!). Bit worried about Japan and the disaster though, i just hope everything will be solved soon with peace in some way and love worlwide. For them then, and my sweeties and another of my sweetie in here, Su from the blog libelulas en el desierto (who made my blog appears in the new) is this love i try to spread....Just imagining it.

much love, 



a couple of taurus

How to describe it. They are just our afternoons, our teas, our smiles, our moments. I have been thinking from the day we took the pictures, a perfect friendly afternoon (we ate in my fav veggie restaurant, took a tea in a cute arabigan teahouse, had long and peaceful strolls, had a bit of shopping, a bit of laughs and then a quite and healthy meal at her amazing apartment...) how can we understand each other so well. We use to say it happens because we are both Taurus zodiac. It could be...also i think there is bit of something magical in it. I always remember the day she told with a huge smile i was 'magical'. And i thing she is the magical thing. I never will be tired to say it. And i also love to tell her. Because I think in Lorena and it comes to me her incredible and huge smile. She also has an amazing taste in decorating her apartment (actually, his boyfriend Chris and Lore apartment). It is simple and pure as she is.

Cómo describirlo. Son nuestras tardes, nuestros tés, nuestras sonrisas, nuestros momentos. Llevo con esto en mente desde el día en que nos hicimos las fotos, una tarde perfectísima de las nuestras (comimos en 'mi vegetariano' que a ella también le encanta, tomamos un té en una bonita teteria árabe, pasemos mucho, entramos en más de una tienda y cenamos algo ligero y buenísimo como siempre en su pisito precioso...) y pensando en por qué nos llegamos a compenetrar y entender tan bien. Muchas veces decimos que porque las dos somos Tauro. Pero yo creo que hay algo más, algo mágico. Creo que fue la primera palabra que usó para describirme y quizá por eso no la puedo olvidar o quizá también porque ella lo fue tanto en ese instante para mí. Porque realmente para míella es la mágica, la que me arranca sonrisas con sinceridad sin más. Y entonces pienso en su apartamento, que me encanta, por simple, por puro...por mágico, como ella.