Sometimes i need it, i feel just like writing. That's what i love, what i feel so good doing. And today it's in my loved blog. The one i'd really like to expend more hours in. The one i know its my white canvas to express myself.
I like to reflex sometimes about communications, the way we need them,  and beyond the way we need the people who is behind them. My friends. All of them. Everytime. Pirirpi. Whatsup calls me every two minutes this Saturday noon. I'm enjoying it. Clara, Joaxim, Susi, Miros... Today, after my family lunch I've went with my pa to have an stroll in the town. He told me that through life, these friendly relations become more and more difficult to hold. What a pity, i've though!. Hopefully, hopefully, it won't happen to me. Often i use to think it would'nt happen to me because i'll try to avoid it... Willpower - new amazing word to learn -.

By the way, i have a pending post about Mafalda, which i absolutely adore!

PD: im gonna continue writing... in a doc.

PPD: such an amazing song... 

( i  need you so much closer)