the inspiring chair

i have the feeling i'm sitting these days of work at home
in a chair like that one
beautiful and inspiring
thats is making me to have really good moments
and some others flying minutes

as a flamingo
on the floor
and the sky
at the same time




chloë is cool

She owns her clothing designs x Opening Ceremony

Love how she mixes party dresses + denim

The perfect day time outfits?

Beautiful makeup details...

I also love her daring in party outfits

Why not?

Who doesnt wanna be a miau girl?

My two
favourites outfits
from her:

 1 -  miu miu skirt

 2 - Cholé suit 

And here in her beloved new haircut

C'est plus!

I hope you enjoyed it...!

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

much much love,