I put a feather in my boots

Do you like them?
There were a bargain!!! ( I love this word I learnt shooping in George St., in Sydney!) They were just 19.90€ in Ulanka Shoes (La Maquinista). I found them in a happy-after-work-shopping with my Mónica! I hope u like the pictures as well. xxx

Because I have always loved them. Because their meaning; their are from the nature, and I have had always a good vibration finding one on the sand, on the street or even in the shops. Last week I found one in the shopping mall next to my workplace. I had already feathers in my mind... Also because the double meaning as a stylographic pen that it has in Spanish. Because I love writing, I just love it. And I remember now when I had my first stylographic pen in the school, it was red and green. And again the nature comes to me and the feathers bring me to think in birds. 'I like to be a bird' is the name of a friend's collective, and it is related also to my best dream, that I am flying. It's similar to this blog, a kind of dream and a kind of flight... all surrounded by feathers, by heaps of colorful and delicate feathers. The same as I am. I just hope you enjoy it as I do writing it, flying in it... You wanna fly with me? xxx