Because I have always loved them. Because their meaning; their are from the nature, and I have had always a good vibration finding one on the sand, on the street or even in the shops. Last week I found one in the shopping mall next to my workplace. I had already feathers in my mind... Also because the double meaning as a stylographic pen that it has in Spanish. Because I love writing, I just love it. And I remember now when I had my first stylographic pen in the school, it was red and green. And again the nature comes to me and the feathers bring me to think in birds. 'I like to be a bird' is the name of a friend's collective, and it is related also to my best dream, that I am flying. It's similar to this blog, a kind of dream and a kind of flight... all surrounded by feathers, by heaps of colorful and delicate feathers. The same as I am. I just hope you enjoy it as I do writing it, flying in it... You wanna fly with me? xxx

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  1. Because you live from the heart, because it's your meaning, your natural essence, and people love you because that...don't forget it!!!

    I love your feather's way to writte, putting in words your dreams and ilusions like a bird beginning to fly, or when some woman buys by herself a new boots and think "I LIKE TO BE A WOMAN" PISANDO FUERTE!!!

    We are naturally differents, but we have some common things that join us, also the differences. We are authentic, and this is the reason that join us. LADY, el estilo no caduca! ;) y la amistad menos...and here there isn't matter of luck, it's a matter of love!

    I love your coloured fashion pics acros the fish eye rainbow, the transparent high heels (thought sometimes at 9am are are mortal in Pg.de Gràcia jijijij), and your transparent art to fly, but I like when you feel the pink colour inside you! I'm purple and a little bit orange!! Fashion and friendship everywhere...CUTE!!

    The time goes fast but the time measure is not real, like is not real the distance measure..you know what I mean...If you are feeling alive like a bird just continue doing your best and could fly surrounded by heaps of colorful and delicate feathers; colorful like a flocks of birds, and delicate like a thin moon. The moon is far but we feels that near, and the birds never go alone. I like to be a bird, or a coloured butterfly, because nobody suspects the butterfly effect..shhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Have a nice New Years Eve LOve!! We wanna celebrate this time with you mis nenitas (digals-hi quan brindeu amb les bombolletes daurades) and I miss you right now but I decided to go to the mountain! coul be perfect if I could be everywhere, ouuu but :) Your feathers are in you as you are in me too, fly in it and I fly with you from wherever I am...the 2011 is all for us!!remember this during the bells at the same time than me!

    LOVE&PEACE...Art de vivre...

    PS: I'd love to go to Paris this year too my little Amelie ♥