two dreams

that's sooooo me!

i think all my friends know i wanna go to paris and cut my hair as amélie, last week i went to university to make it true! (and u know what? by change, it was raining as a real  Parisian day...)

and then it's sex&the city and new york, and carrie! and my favourite tv show ever (and the one that makes me happy again and again and i never get tired of... i identify so much with carrie, i like the way she writes, the way she lives fashion, the way she takes cares of her friends...!)

so... thats it. i wanna be carrie, i wanna be amelie. isnt it free to dream?

(though part of me, i know that lives in that dream!)



  1. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Rg3hRYvJESY/TSNZsIDna7I/AAAAAAAABwI/jANJBnsz5Uk/s1600/21soniaanna.jpg


  2. sois vosotraaaaaaaaaaaas!!!

    te podemos llamar sonia? :)