birds that pray

I've been having the need of writing from this morning and the litlle new that my blog (OMG!) appears in a fashion web it is just another little plus to do it! I almost forgot how happy it makes me! Again in my brother's bed (i don't know why is the best place to write my blog, i feel different in here, inspired, happy because in some way im breaking some rule that makes me smile, and also because i know he likes it as well, he is bit proud of my writings, or at least, thats my feeling... which i love!). Bit worried about Japan and the disaster though, i just hope everything will be solved soon with peace in some way and love worlwide. For them then, and my sweeties and another of my sweetie in here, Su from the blog libelulas en el desierto (who made my blog appears in the new) is this love i try to spread....Just imagining it.

much love,