my 2011 in blackberry images

 my first BB picture 

 i love this smile

 the novio & the guapo

 shoes from barbara bui

my angel

with my flowery boots!
 she's a star

 good morning!

 i wanna eat her!



im in love!
 i love guille' style

sunset, relax

 the day that panda broke down

 two amores

 my princess

 with my neni-marquina

 thai meal!

 gunts&roses in live!

 i love cabrios

 my first vintage blouse
@els_encants_ with_eleniiiii

 the true fiat 500!

 finally i got my hunters!

 with cristian

best concert of the year

 i loved my blue nailpolish


 my dad cutting the jamón by dreivip

my neni & my honey

Kaori, guapa!


 The awesome origami they made! And also the sushi!

 some cuteness thanks to good2b!

 desigual by lacroix

 kids, the best!

the best vintage barber

he's the best dj&barber! he did my tye-dye hair

 borja's birthday! anna, anna... :)

 i love my fashion wake ups from bed!

good2b is so cool

my two pretties

having an stroll

 i was feeling sexy

the fatty&yummy breakfasts from dreivip

 Tildo Muxart

 i liked the outfit

and i cut my hair!

my 2011 san valentin's day
@pisitos_sant fot

Guincho! Amazing!

best desert ever! strawberrys & chocholate!

loving the cajón

women are beautiful


massimo duti's boy

we love vermuts as nothing else in life

the mother more cool ever!

i love my fiat
 @myfiat :)

sun & martini

big big night
 @casa_clara_before_"the night"

 teisuke came to bcn!

he is the best

loving eventismos

champagne & strawerries

my peace & love

 no words!!!
 @ casa_sanvi

my fav sweets & my fav bag

good morning catalunya!


 loooooving sun

 su is gonna regar!

spring is coming...

calçots & vistas


 like a house

 a poppy!

good2b meeting


the sweetest nap

someone especial gave me it


we just need a micro


the best gift!

my patri de los caballos

sant vicenç breakfast



cristina & me!

my birthday party

so proud of her!

manifestación indignados


in love
@at work

barby, me & estrella

my kuka


just walking in

we didn't need anything else

let's goooo!

dani & chica yeyé

after a night of love

ready to party
@sant joan'11


the best hotel ever

my summer breakfast

some details

sweet & funny ending

from the balcony

after some sun

i loved eleonora so much

my sight from the agency

cute dinner

i love my hamaca

amazing wake-up

alone on the beach


best beachy day of the summer!

good2b girls
@peggy sye

marilyn by andy warhol

la noche estrellada by van gogh

a motto
@some _street_in_ny


i like my outfit

best resaca ever!

the glamourous girl

mama's birthday

i wanna read it

dani & me, me&dani




clari & me


christian is the best

papa & me


i love walking with papa

my first day

i love my parents

my new favourite serie

my outfit