Day I: on the streets of NY


 i'm wearing leggins from blanco, t-shirt from mango, shirt and belt vintage, primark purse and lâncome blue nailpolish

we need breakfast

there were flower shops

in every corner! 

and suddenly...

real baseball! LET'S GO!

 also in the grass

 amazing facades

gospel in harlem - we had no words... - but we danced!

 hotty hotty!

and the first sights from the big lake in Central Park (no words again!)

Sentences of the day:

Idoia (it was 11-S) at 9.10am:  
Sigue el Empire en pie?

Aquí hay mucha testosterona.
Idoia in the subway in Harlem:
Este poli se ha escapado de Cosas de Casa! 
Idoia in the church: 
Madre mía, que aparece Ray Charles!

Some note: people was reading the lyrics in the church with the iPad! 
(while i was writting down that note suddenly all people started shouting!)

Oh, pray the Lord! Oh, yeah!