landing in NY...

our room - it was perfect! - & the invitation to Yamamoto catwalk

amz sights from the big terrace of the apartment

first stop: the cute fruit shop downstairs, super organic and eco stuff (:

and already a cute guy offered to take a picture of both!

 Bedfore Ave: amazing cafés

different people

and street art!  
- that was an advertisement from a whiskey brand -

beers & maps

 thats was the motto! (lema)

 first contact with vintage shops

 all susi's stuff! - she was actually been a hawaiana! -

it was the third one...

and we were already in love of the city!

(we had a big jet lag, so the song is perfect!)

Sentences from the day:

Susi in the airport: Señoras que pierden todo el glamour al quitarse los zapatos en el aeropuerto.

Ambas in the plane: la bici de Misoni nos la traemos!

Idoia in the taxi: Hay árboles, tia!

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