girls are going out in brussels


1.T-shirt from catwalkjunkie.com. 2., 3. T-shirt from Sofia's love. 4. M.I.A playing at the Greek and strange laptop 5. Clutch from Place du Jeu de Belle vintage market 6. Dress from Royal Rockstar Sydney (Kemla's shop!) 7. Beatiful black lace 8. Boots from Gal·latea Shoes (thanks to Dreivip.com!) 9.Capricce best chocolate wafers ever. 10. Cute mirror from Sofi's apartment (the same one I bought to Clara in here!) 10., 11. LOLS!

I ♥ u!

XXXO - play it - clicar!

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  1. Hola!
    Gracias por participar en el sorteo del bolso Mulberry en mi blog! No te olvides anunciarlo en el tuyo para que tu participación sea valida!
    El plazo termina mañana!