I feel alive

Alondra Bentley - I feel alive - Play it!

I feel im completely in love of her voice, her guitar, her sounds.... Mmmmm....the sweet, intimate, perfect melodies. Ya, I am. And it's just like I can't describe the feeling, when you just love a song, and you love the music. In this moment, loving as well myspace, spotify and youtube! Just thank youuuuu!!! Also I have in mind (really up!) going to grab some of my favourites albums, just to give some money to them, just to pay in some way ALL they make me feel...just alive... .

Now I remmber how I "discovered" Alondra. It was from Barby's mum (person who, by the way, I admire so much!) who told me about Amaral's gig in Apolo! I took a look and the opening act was by Alondra Bentley. Just a quick click and my ownn commitment to upload my next post on MY BLOG about she. Oh my God! I have said my blog! I am not still really use to it...but I just like the feeling... Dot dot, dot. And it is perfect.

Alondra Bentley - Dot, dot, dot -Play it! 

PD: Today I have achieved the two acredittations I asked for, to the gig in Apolo through my dear good2b (one day i'll talk about! bcos is another think i just looooove to be in!). But... tomorrow is a big night in Barcelona about fashion&job, The Shopping Night! It starts at 8.30pm, the same time as the gig, but guess what??? Barby & Clari will go in my place, and im not pretty sure if im allowed to do that, but what im pretty sure as well that they will enjoy as I would there! I just love them.

*** I really like to put flowers above my ear, looking myself in the mirror and one of my dreams is to be in a stage, naked with JUST a guitar. ¿Is it by change?


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  1. Me has convencido! Tengo que escuchar algo de esta mujer!
    Gracias y besos.